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Chemistry in New Zealand

Chemistry in New Zealand (CiNZ) is the professional journal of the NZIC. It is a quarterly publication that is distributed to members, libraries, and other subscribers with a circulation of approximately 1000. It is published in January, April, July and October each year.


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Volume 79, No.2, April 2015

Misassigned Natural Products
Richard A. Lamb

Dubious use of fine particle mass-based standards for regulating urban air quality in a hypothermic environment
John L. Hoare

Dates of note
Brian Halton

Solid phase extraction
Christie Lombardi

A chemical perspective on the recreational use of geothermal waters
Peter Hodder

The application of membrane technology to post-combustion separation of carbon dioxide from coal-fired power plant flue gas
Matthew G. Cowan

Single cell transcriptomes: how low can you go?
Chris Harris

Spectroscopic studies of oxide interfaces in aquatic geochemical systems
Peter J. Swedlund

Membrane lytic antimicrobial lipopeptides
Gayan Heruka DeZoysa and Viji Sarojini

DVD review: Rutherford - The life and work of Ernest Rutherford
Richard Rendle

Richard Rendle

Hot new chemistry from a kiwi pepper tree
Alistair T.B. Richardson

Volume 79, No.1, January 2015

To RGB and beyond – not just a toy story. Adapting mobile imaging devices for chemical applications
Gordon M. Miskelly and Jacob W. Martin

NMR spectroscopy – a simple yet powerful tool in chemical biology
Ivanhoe K.H. Leung

The nature of science: teaching the next generation
Reece N. Oosterbeek, Cristina Cochrane, Robert James, Sandra Jackson and M. Cather Simpson

TBA-354: A new drug for the treatment of persistent

William A. Denny

The state of the School: a brief update on the School of Chemical Sciences at the University of Auckland
Kevin E. Smith

Alumina microstructure and its properties as an adsorbate: an example of research at the Light Metals Research Centre
Grant J. McIntosh, Gordon E. K. Agbenyegah and James B. Metson

The 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Brian Halton

Dates of note
Brian Halton

Book review: Brian Shorland – Doyen of New Zealand Science
Peter Hodder

Award winning chemistry teaching laboratories at the
University of Auckland

Katrina Graaf

Some unremembered chemists - Philip Wilfred Robertson (1884-1969)
Brian Halton

Volume 78, No.4, October 2014

Wohlmann’s waters and the Colonial Laboratory
Peter Hodder

Nanocomposites: From ancient masterpieces to value-adding nanotechnology
Andrea N.D. Kolb

Some unremembered chemists - Sir Arthur Harden, FRS (1865-1940) & William John Young (1878-1952)
Brian Halton

Dates of Note
Brian Halton

What makes a metal?
Nicola Gaston

Thermodynamic modelling of reactions in materials chemistry
Ian Brown

Volume 78, No.3, July 2014

Prussian Blue: Its accidental discovery and rebirth of interest
Eric W. Ainscough, Andrew M. Brodie and Graham H. Freeman


Recent developments in metal-organic framework (MOF) chemistry
Alan Ferguson, Lujia Liu, Sebastian Blackwood and Shane G. Telfer

The effects of high pressure and pH on the hydrolysis of cytosine at high temperatures
Christopher P. Lepper, Martin A.K. Williams, Patrick J.B. Edwards, and Geoffrey B. Jameson

Some unremembered chemists - William Henry, MD, FRS (1774-1836)
Brian Halton

Flag the Periodic Table
Richard Rendle

Dates of Note
Brian Halton

Polysaccharide hydrogels for colon-targeted drug delivery
Iman Kavianinia

Volume 78, No.2, April 2014

Some unremembered chemists - Joseph William Mellor, CBE, FRS (1869-1938)
Brian Halton

Book Review: A Tale of 7 Elements by Eric Scerri
Peter Hodder

Dates of Note
Brian Halton

Chemistry — an antidote to pseudoscientific thinking?
Michael Edmonds

The monetary value of natural gas condensate: a New Zealand perspective
Clifford Jones

The role of sialic acid synthases in sialic acid biosynthesis
Thomas Cotton, Emily Parker and Dmitri Joseph

Wohlmann, water and whisky
Peter Hodder

Oxygen buster and other stories
Richard Rendle

The quality of New Zealand-produced olive oil compared with imported product
Darren A. Saunders

Communicate a phenomenon — engaging students in dialogue between science and arts
Sarah L. Masters, Richard M. Hartshorn, Louise Palmer and Rosie Ibbotson

Volume 78, No.1, January 2014

Some unremembered chemists - Alexander Porfirevich Borodin (1834-1887)
Brian Halton

SciFinder® Future Leaders in Chemistry
Andrea Kolb

The 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Brian Halton

Letter to the Editor
J. C. Jones

Tales of the Periodic Table (The Ytterby Odyssey)
Richard Rendle

Biochars and Carbonised Biomass: A New Zealand Perspective with a Focus on Chemistry
John McDonald-Wharry

A Cursory Study of the Bulk and Glaze Composition plus Metal Leaching Properties of a Selection of Antique, Vintage and Present Day Food and Drink Ceramic Wares using XRF, FTIR, 27Al, 29Si, 31P MAS NMR and ICP-MS for Providing a Characterisation of the Types of Domestic Ceramic Ware used in New Zealand Currently
Prajusha V. Velayudhan and Michael R. Mucalo

Volume 77, No.4, October 2013

The importance of trace metal chemistry in understanding ocean processes
Rob Middag

A golden era in modern chemistry
James R. Wright

Linking anthropogenic climate change and stratospheric ozone depletion
Laura E. Revell

HOTAIR: Can we make sense of this anti-sense RNA?
Geremy Ralston

Sands of time: Silica stardust in meteorites
Ilsa Cooke

Some unremembered chemists - John William Draper
Brian Halton

Volume 77, No.3, July 2013

Precise synthesis of conducting polymers by DNA-directed self-assembly
Gary B. Schuster, Wen Chen, Zhijie Ma and Rekha R. Avirah

Qualitative testing of global QSAR models: The hERG K+ ion pump.
Homayon John Arabshahi and Jóhannes Reynisson

Helping scientists redefine the kilogram
Shariq Sharif

Peptides: From Emil Fischer to Psa
Viji Sarojini

Some Unremembered Chemists - Sir Edward Frankland
Brian Halton

Solid-state NMR of polyanilines with different morphologies
Zoran D. Zujovic, Marija Gizdavic-Nikolaidis and Graham A. Bowmaker

Volume 77, No.2, April 2013

Some Unremembered Chemists - John Mercer, Part II
Brian Halton

Primo Levi's periodic system
Peter Hodder

Fluorescent minerals: a hobbyist's perspective (with a bit of chemistry…)
Martyn P. Coles

Volume 77, No.1, January 2013

The 2012 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Brian Halton

The Australian Synchrotron – A powerful tool for chemical research available to New Zealand scientists
Richard G. Haverkamp

The application of N-acetylmannosamine to the mammalian cell culture production of recombinant human glycoproteins
Selwyn C. Yorke

Some Unremembered Chemists - John Mercer, Part I
Brian Halton

Volume 76, No.4, October 2012

Implications of a novel interpretation of the isosbestic point
R. Sanjeev, V. Jagannadham, R. Veda Vrath

The evolution of chemistry and medicine in the 18th and 19th centuries
Michael Edmonds

Ionic liquids: Some of their remarkable properties and some of their applications
Owen J. Curnow

When plants bite back: A broadly applicable method for the determination of cyanogenic glycosides as hydrogen cyanide in plant-based foodstuffs
Darren A. Saunders

Enlivening science for secondary school students: interschool competitions at CPIT
David J. Hawke

Volume 76, No.3, July 2012

Novel polyoxometalates: is antimony the new molybdenum?
Brian K. Nicholson and Christopher J. Clark

Melt-extruded polyethylene oxide (PEO) rods as drug delivery vehicles: Formulation, performance as controlled release devices and the influence of co-extruded excipients on drug release profiles
Michael R. Mucalo and Michael J. Rathbone

Oligosaccharide profiles of Asian commercial honeys
Mérine Dumté and Merilyn Manley-Harris

Volume 76, No.2, April 2012

Taking Chemistry Out of the Lab: Perspectives on Chemistry Outreach at Otago
David McMorran and Dave Warren

Advances in Biomedical Hydrogels
Jaydee D. Cabral and Stephen C. Moratti

Report on the 2012 International Symposium on Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry (ISMSC-7) at the University of Otago
Sally Brooker

Towards Redefining the Kilogram and the Mole in the "New SI"
Jim McQuillan

Curved Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons - A Discipline Still in Its Infancy
Christopher B. Larsen and Nigel T. Lucas

Volume 76, No.1, January 2012

The Pursuit of Atom Economy in Synthesis
Mark Bartlett

The 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Brian Halton

The Molecular Anthology Competition
Vyacheslav Filichev

The Effect of Serendipitiy in Drug Discovery and Development
Emily Hargrave-Thomas, Bo Yu, Jóhannes Reynisson

Chemistry of Aryl Trifluorovinyl Ethers
Jianyong Jin

Synthetic Cannabinoids
Robyn Somerville, Jacob Bertie

Volume 75, No.4, October 2011

Metallosupramolecular Chemistry - What Now?
Peter J. Steel

Supramolecular Co-ordination: Predesigned Metallacycles and Metallacages via Self-Assembly
Peter J. Stang

Multifunctionality and Multivalency Generation by Self-Assembly of Grid-type Metallosupramolecular Architectures
Jack Harrowfield and Jean-Marie Lehn

Electrospray Ionisation of Proteins: Elephants which Fly
Peter J. Derrick

The Strongest Acid
Christopher A. Reed

Physics, Chemistry and Magnetic Resonance: a New Zealand Perspective
Paul T. Callaghan

Chemistry in Auckland 1981-2011
Gordon Miskelly, Gordon Rewcastle

A History of Chemistry in Wellington since 1986 in Ten Artefacts
Peter Hodder

Dora Suuring - 75 Years a Chemist
Brian Halton

Volume 75, No.3, July 2011

The Palladium-Catalysed Ullmann Cross-Coupling Reaction
Martin G. Banwel, Matthew T. Jones and Tristan A. Reekie

What's New in Olefin Metathesis Catalysed by Molybdenum and Tungsten Complexes?
Richard R. Schrock

Development of NNZ-2566 as a Drug Candidate for Traumatic Brain Injury: The Neuren Story
Margaret A. Brimble, Paul W. R. Harris

The Last 25 Years of Chemistry in Otago and Southland
Barrie M. Peake

From Pesticides to Paint via Pharmaceuticals - the Evolution of New Zealand's Applied Carbohydrate Chemistry R&D
Richard H. Furneaux, Gary B. Evans

Chemistry in the Manawatu: Reflecting on the Last 25 Years
Andrew M. Brodie

Fraud in Organic Chemistry
Mordecai B. Rubin

Volume 75, No.2, April 2011

Organic Microanalysis at University of Otago in its 75th Year
Arthur D. Campbell
Download article

Chemistry in Canterbury: 1986-2010
Ward T. Robinson, Michael Edmonds and Darren Saunders
Download article

TAML Activators: Green Chemistry Catalysts as Effective Small Molecule Mimics of the Peroxidase Enzymes
Terrence J. Collins
Download article

Pacifichem 2010: Excerpts from a Student's Diary
Peter G. K. Clark
Download article

Mechanistic Studies of Enantioselective N-aryl, N-alkyl NHC Ruthenium Metathesis Catalysts in Asymmetric Ring-Opening Cross-Metathesis
Renee M. Thomas and Robert H. Grubbs
Download article

In the Year of Chemistry: From Mendeleev to Albert Einstein– The Periodic Table of the Elements and Beyond
Peter Schwerdtfeger
Download article

We Need to Know More about Atmospheric Chemistry
Martin R. Manning
Download article

Volume 75, No.1, January 2011

Raman Microscopy as a Structural, Analytical and Forensic Tool in Art and Archaeology
Robin J. H. Clark

Chemistry in the Waikato: Developments Since 1985
Derek W. Smith

Nanotechnologies - a New Branch of Chemistry?
Alan Smith

Seeing Atoms: The Rise and Rise of Crystallography in Chemistry and Biology
Edward N. Baker

Structural Chemistry & the Design of High-Tc Superconductors
Jeffery L. Tallon

A Story About an Almost Extinct Species - Left Field Science
Harold Kroto

The 2010 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Joanne E. Harvey and Brian Halton

Volume 74, No.4, October 2010

Healthy Harbour Watchers: Community-Based Water Quality Monitoring and Chemistry Education in Dunedin
Andrew Innes, Steven A. Rusak, Barrie M. Peake and David S. Warren
Download article

Hot Chemistry from Horopito
Nigel B. Perry and Kevin S. Gould
Download article

Rotaxanes as Molecular Machines – The Work of Professor David Leigh
Anthea Blackburn
Download article

Hydrated Complexes in Earth’s Atmosphere
Anna L. Garden and Henrik G. Kjaergaard
Download article

Volume 74, No.3, July 2010

The Banwell Symposium: From Small Rings to Big Things
Russell J. Hewitt and Robert A. Keyzers
Download article

On the Origin of the Dimeric Aplysinopsin Alkaloids
Emily M. Boyd and Jonathan Sperry
Download article

Making Sense of N-Confused Porphyrins
Anna Młodzianowska and Penelope J. Brothers
Download article

The Mechanism of Mutation Initiated by One-Electron

Jóhannes Reynisson
Download article

Light Metals Research at the University of Auckland
J. Metson, P. Lavoie, L. Perander and R. Etzion
Download article

Antioxidant Plastics based upon Conducting Polymers
Paul A. Kilmartin
Download article

Volume 74, No.2, April 2010

The Development of Zwitterionic Second Order Nonlinear
Optical Organic Materials

M. Delower H. Bhuiyan and Andrew J. Kay
Download article

The Ramberg-Bäcklund Reaction 70 Years On
Joanne E. Harvey and Mark J. Bartlett
Download article

Colour Tuneable Photoluminescent Quantum Dots for Ink-Jet Printing of Security Documents and Labels
James H. Johnston, Aaron C. Small and Noel Clark
Download article

Glycolipids and CD1: The Crossroad between Chemistry and Immunology
Ashna A. Khan, Janice M. H. Cheng, Bridget L. Stocker and Mattie S. M. Timmer
Download article

The 2009 NZIC Presidential Address
Magic Metals: The Special Affinity of Transition Metals for

John L. Spencer
Download article

Volume 74, No.1, January 2010

What Are These Things Called MOFs?
Shane G. Telfer
Download article

Controlling Molecular Excitons with Coordination Chemistry
Mark R. Waterland, Shane G. Telfer and Tracey M. McLean
Download article

The 2009 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Brian Halton
Download article

Unexpected Metabolites in Tobacco Genetically Modified to Accumulate Selenium
Adam J. Matich, Nigel I. Joyce, Marian J. McKenzie, David A. Brummell, Daryl D. Rowan
Download article

Recent Advances in Labelling of DNA with Organic

Vyacheslav V. Filichev
Download article

Volume 73, No.4, October 2009

The Taming of the Flu? Influenza and Oseltamivir Phosphate
Michael K. Edmonds
Download article

21st Century Chemistry and the Promiscuity of the Sex
Hormone Receptors: An Overview

Lisa A. Graham
Download article

Nanotechnology: An Answer to the World’s Water Crisis?
Alan Smith
Download article

Showcasing Research at YOUR University – An International Trend
Cather Simpson
Download article

Options for Assessing the Bioavailability of Metals to Soil
Dwelling Organisms

Sally Gaw
Download article

More Bang for your Buck: An Introduction to CHNO Explosives
Christopher M. Fitchett
Download article

Volume 73, No.3, July 2009

Penicillins: Their Chemical History and Legal Disputes in New Zealand
Jessica Christine Lai
Download article

The Quest for Extreme Water Repellency: Superhydrophobicity Made Easy
Graham C. Saunders
Download article

Witches, Horses and Dead Turkeys
Denis R. Lauren
Download article

Cycloaurated Gold(III) Complexes – Possible Alternatives to Cisplatin?
Kelly J. Kilpin and William Henderson
Download article

Fast GC-MS and Chemometrics: Exploring Complex Mixtures
Marlon M Reis,* Mariza G Reis, Michael Agnew, Peter Cross, Shane Leath
Download article

Volume 73, No.2, April 2009

The Origins of Organic Contaminants in Antarctica
Jacob N.W. Howe and Kimberly J. Hageman
Download article

The Oxidation of Red and White Wines and its Impact on Wine Aroma
Paul A. Kilmartin
Download article

A Possible Candidate for the Fight against Alzheimer’s Disease
Aamir Mukadam, Katie Bourne and Warren P. Tate
Download article

Environmental Aspects of the Disposal of Pharmaceuticals in New Zealand
Barrie M. Peake, and Rhiannon Braund
Download article

Inhibitors of Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinases: The Next Wave of Anti-Cancer Drugs?
Gordon W. Rewcastle and William A. Denny
Download article

Nanotechnology in Good Health?*
Hilda Coulsey and Alan Smith
*Reproduced from Chemistry International 2009, 31, No. 1 with permission.
Download article

Bringing Inquiry-Based Learning to the First-Year Laboratory: Experimenting with Conducting Polymers
David McMorran, Dave Warren and Richard Souness
Download article

Volume 73, No.1, January 2009

Inhibitors of Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinases: The Next Wave of Anti-Cancer Drugs?
Gordon W. Rewcastle and William A. Denny
Download article

Twisting Fate: Ring Torsions and Photochemistry in Aryl-X=YAryl Systems (X,Y = P, C, N)
M. Cather Simpson, and John L. Payton
Download article

Studying Interactions with Biological Membranes using Neutron
Duncan J. McGillivray
Download article

The Oxidation of Red and White Wines and its Impact on Wine Aroma
Paul A. Kilmartin
Download article

Development of Low-Cost Ozone Measurement Instruments Suitable for Use in an Air Quality Monitoring Network
David E Williams, Geoff Henshaw, Brett Wells, George Ding, John Wagner, Bryon Wright, Yu Fai Yung, Jennifer Salmond
Download article

From Small Rings to Big Things: Fruit Ripening, Floral Display and Cyclopropenes
Brian Halton
Download article

The 2008 Nobel Prize for Chemistry
Download article

Volume 72, No.4, October 2008

Letting Your Hair Down with Party Pills
Natasha Lucas, Paul S. Fitzmaurice and Thomas A. Bassindale
Download article

From Small Rings to Big Things: Benzocyclobutenes and High Performance Polymers
Brian Halton
Download article

Meat and Wool New Zealand Limited
Consortia Research
Kaylene Larking
Download article

Some Traditional Colourants of Maori and other Cultures
Gerald Smith and Rangi Te Kanawa
Download article

Supercritical Fluid Processing of Organic Compounds
Stephen J. Tallon and Owen J. Catchpole
Download article

In Search of Biological Activity
Paul Teesdale-Spittle
Download article

Synthesis and Applications of Nanoparticles and Quantum Dots
Richard D. Tilley
Download article

Volume 72, No.3, July 2008

Enantioselective Radical Reactions and Organocatalysis
Gareth J Rowlands
Download article

Deceit and Deception in Volatile Analysis*
Adam J. Matich, Daryl D. Rowan, and Catrin Guenther
*Dedicated to the memory of Dr. Cecil B. Johnson (1937-1998).
This article is the International Year of Planet Earth designated paper for this issue of Chemistry in New Zealand.
Download article

Education for Sustainability: What Does This Mean for Tertiary Chemistry?
Janet Davies
Download article

From the Lab to the Factory – Considerations for Synthetic Product Development
Ghislaine Cousins
Download article

Chairing Scientific Meetings*
Roger Fenwick and Leiv K. Sydnes
*This article, originally published in Chemistry International, 2006, 2(5), 4-8, was brought to the editor’s attention by Professor Sydnes during his recent visit to NZ. It is reproduced here with his permission.
Download article

Laboratory Education in New Zealand
Thomas Borrmann
Download article

Volume 72, No.2, April 2008

Developing Site-Specific Guidelines for Orchard Soils Based on Bioaccessibility – Can It Be Done?
Sally Gaw, Nick Kim, Grant Northcott, Alistair Wilkins, and Gavin Robinson
Download article (PDF 441 kb)

Medical Applications of SIFT-MS in New Zealand
Wan-Ping Hu and Malina Storer
Download article (PDF 556 kb)

The Quantitation of Ochratoxin A in Foodstuffs Sold in New Zealand
Darren A. Saunders, Shirley Jones, and Rudolf Schmitt
Download article (PDF 279 kb)

From Small Rings to Big Things: Xerography, Sensors, and the Squaraines
Brian Halton
Download article (PDF 421 kb)

BestChoice: Interactive Web-Based Learning
Sheila Woodgate and David Titheridge
Download article (PDF 500 kb)

MALDI-TOF Mass spectrometry of Cyanobacteria: a Global Approach to the Discovery of Novel Secondary Metabolites
Jonathan Puddick and Michèle R. Prinsep
Download article (PDF 491 kb)

The 2007 Royal Society of Chemistry Australasian Lectureship Tour - Report
Prof. Peter Schwerdtfeger
Download article (PDF 330 kb)

Protecting Cultural Heritage: Reflections on the Position of Science in
Multidisciplinary Approaches

Jan Wouters
Download article (PDF 558 kb)

Volume 72, No.1, January 2008

A Cleaner and Greener New Zealand Thanks to 2,4,5-T, Science, and Silicones
J A Zabkiewicz
Download article (PDF 333 kb)

Biomedicals from Bone
Michael R. Mucalo and Andrew J. Worth
Download article (PDF 346 kb)

Do We Expect Too Much? Reflection on Chemistry Content in Higher Education
Richard K. Coll
Download article (PDF 306 kb)

Fighting Food Fraud with Science
Bea Perks
Download article (PDF 257 kb)

The 2007 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Brian Halton
Download article (PDF 262 kb)

Volume 71, No.3, October 2007

Climate Change Mythconceptions: Some Incorrect, Irrelevant and Misleading Arguments Made by Climate Change Denialists
Doug S. Mackie and Keith A. Hunter
Download article (PDF 458 kb)

The 3-His Motif: A New Subset of Non-Heme Mono-Iron Enzymes
Seino A. K. Jongkees and Guy N. L. Jameson
Download article (PDF 720 kb)

Australian Dust: From Uplift to Uptake
Doug S. Mackie and Keith A. Hunter
Download article (PDF 241 kb)

Ocean Acidification and the Changing Carbonate Speciation in Seawater – Should We be Worried?
K I Currie and K A Hunter
Download article (PDF 303 kb)

So Who Was Nobel Anyway?
Brian Halton
Download article (PDF 327 kb)

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Volume 71, No.2, July 2007

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Volume 71, No.1, April 2007

Chemical Research in the MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology
Download article (PDF 258 kb)

Soft Matter in the MacDiarmid Institute
Kathryn M. McGrath
Download article (PDF 362 kb)

Recent Chemistry of Advanced Inorganic and Hybrid Materials at the MacDiarmid Institute
Kenneth J. D. MacKenzie
Download article (PDF 352 kb)

The Chemical History of Anaesthesia
Joanna Wojnar
Download article (PDF 308 kb)

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Volume 70. No.3, October 2006

Structure Determination of New Algal Toxins using NMR Methods
Alistair L. Wilkins and Christopher O. Miles
Download article (PDF 336 kb)

Faecal Sterols and Fluorescent Whiteners as Indicators of the Source of Faecal Contamination
Megan Devane, Darren Saunders and Brent Gilpin
Download article (PDF 292 kb)

The Curious Case of Phosphate Solubility
Andrew J. Pratt
Download article (PDF 235 kb)

Water Oxidation by Ruthenium Dimers
Matthew I. J. Polson
Download article (PDF 241 kb)

Fluorinated Analogues of Biological Molecules: Accessing New Chemical, Physical and Biological Properties
Michael Edmonds and Victoria Peddie
Download article (PDF 241 kb)

Drug Discovery in the New Millennium
Steven G. Aitken
Download article (PDF 309 kb)

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Volume 70, No.2, July 2006

Investigating Scientific Literacy: Scientists Habits of Mind as Evidenced by Their Rationale of Science and Religious Beliefs
Richard K. Coll, Mark C. Lay, and Neil Taylor
Download article (PDF 421 kb)
a publication from the NZIC Chemical Education Special Interest Group

Optical Biosensors: Making Sense of Interactions
Harvey E. Indyk
Download article (PDF 290 kb)

Nanotechnology - Does It Have a Sporting Chance?
Dr. Alan Smith
Download article (PDF 254 kb)

The MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology
Brian Halton
Download article (PDF 235 kb)

The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry: New Zealand Contributions
Patrick Holland
Download article (PDF 324 kb)

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Volume 70, No.1, April 2006

The Use and Limits of Compositional Analysis for Discrimination and Classification of Samples
Michelle M. Barton and Gordon M. Miskelly
Download article (PDF 264 kb)

Transfer RNA as a Potential Building Block for Nanotechnology
Harold S. Bernhardt and Warren P. Tate
Download article (PDF 341 kb)

Are Nanoparticles Safe?
Victoria Argyle and Brian Robinson
Download article (PDF 291 kb)

Overtone Spectroscopy: A Sensitive Probe of Hydrogen Bonding
Henrik G. Kjaergaard and Daryl L. Howard
Download article (PDF 306 kb)

14CO2 in the Southern Hemisphere Atmosphere — the Rise and the Fall
K. Currie, G. Brailsford, S. Nichol, A. Gomez, K. Riedel, R. Sparks, and K. Lassey
Download article (PDF 261 kb)

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Volume 69, No.4, December 2005

Seeing Things in a New Light: Synchrotron Science and the Australian Synchrotron Project
Download article (PDF 456 kb)

Cheminanotechnology: Nanotechnology for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Richard G. Haverkamp
Download article (PDF 214 kb)

Chemistry and Chemical Ecology of some of the Common Opisthobranch Molluscs Found on the Shores of NE New Zealand
Tanja Grkovic, David R. Appleton, and Brent R. Copp
Download article (PDF 273 kb)

Virtual Institute for Metrology in Chemistry: Cost Effective Traceability in Chemical and Biological Measurement
John Love and Laly Samuel
Download article (PDF 224 kb)

The 2005 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Brian Halton
Download article (PDF 275 kb)

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Volume 69, No.3, September 2005

The Chemistry of Post-bottling Sulfides in Wine
Dr. Alan Limmer
Download article (PDF 278 kb)

What do Green Tea, Grapes Seeds, and Docks have in Common?
Lucy P. Meagher, Paul Spencer, Geoffrey A. Lane, Suba Sivakumaran, Karl Fraser
Download article (PDF 296 kb)

Building Innovation through Geopolymer Technology
Catherine Nicholson, Ross Fletcher, Neville Miller, Clive Stirling, Jon Morris, Steve Hodges, Kenneth MacKenzie, and Martin Schmücker.
Download article (PDF 278 kb)

The Halton Retirement Symposium
Brendan Burkett and Joanne Harvey
Download article (PDF 214 kb)

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Patent Proze

The Move Towards Electronic Notebooks (PDF 179 kb)
Changes Afoot for US Patent Law (PDF 154 kb)
The Squeeze on US Applicants (PDF 168 kb)
Can You Patent an Old Dog New Tricks? (PDF 162 kb)
Patent Ownership: Why you need to get it right the first time (PDF 139 kb)
Entering the Dragon - Intellectual Propery Rights in China (PDF 141 kb)
Yes, No, Maybe: Is My Granted Patent Valid? (PDF 136 kb)
European Patent Law Update (PDF 175 kb)
Significant Changes To The US Patent System (PDF 141 kb)
To Patent, or to Publish, that is the Question! (PDF 453 kb)
Patent Rights Bombshell Dropped on Australian University: The Implications for New Zealand
Knowing your right hand from your left
But what does it actually do?
The Importance of a Seemingly Insignificant Poster

Inventors Receiving their Just Rewards?
When is Medicinal Chemistry Patently Obvious?
EU dispute with India and Brazil ups stakes in generics saga
Three Great Patented Inventions
Compulsory Licensing in a Nutshell
Green is the New Black
Experimental use of patented inventions in research
Laboratory Intellectual Property
From the bench to the boardroom
Status Quo Restored? - the patentability of gene sequences
IP initiative takes aim at neglected diseases
Obama Passes New Patent Law
First compulsory licence in India serves as wake up call to global pharmaceutical firms
Australia Raising the Bar
Accelerating examination of your patent application
Change to Data Protection Laws
Indian patent decision highlights the bond between politics and patent law
Are patents on genetic testing really a thing of the past?
Time for a Change
Can I patent my dinner? Protection of food technology innovations
One country at a time
The Nagoya Protocol – what you should know
Indian patent wars

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Norman Trevor Clare
Jack Austin
Edwin (Ted) Percy White
Peter P Williams
Denis Hogan
Robert Sinclair
Ken Seal
Walter Sidney Metcalf
William Edward (Ted) Harvey
Rowland Albert (Roy) Kennerley
Raymund Marshall Golding
Jan Romuald Zdysiewicz
Alan Arthur Turner
Sir Paul Callaghan
Martin Fleischmann
Robert John (Robin) Ferrier
Anthony (Tony) David Woolhouse
Betty Wignall

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2006 NZIC Salary Survey
by Fiona Summerfield

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