Easterfield Medal

Dr Brendon Gill

Dr Brendon Gill is a Principal Research Scientist for Fonterra based at the Nutritionals Laboratory at Waitoa. He completed his PhD at the University of Waikato in 2013 and has become highly regarded within the nutritional analytical community in New Zealand and internationally. He has developed many analytical methods to quantitate micronutrients and milk proteins and four of these that have been adopted as international standards. Dr Gill’s innovations in this field have had significant impact on dairy manufacturing processes, advanced capabilities to measure the nutritional quality of dairy and food products, and helped support New Zealand’s dairy export industry.
Dr Gill volunteers his time and expertise for a number of organisations. He represents the New Zealand dairy industry as a member of the International Standards Organisation vitamins working group and the milk products sub-committee. He is a leader within AOAC International and serves as chair of the nucleotides and phospholipids working groups as well as being a subject matter expert for many other working groups. As immediate past-chair of the editorial board of the Journal of AOAC International and chair-elect of the Official Methods Board of AOAC, he helps lead the scientific oversight of AOAC activities and publications. He is the secretary for the Waikato Branch of the NZIC and volunteered considerable time and effort to develop the institute’s website and database.

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