Scientific Sleuthing

Scientific Sleuthing – Chemical Discoveries made in New Zealand; Hurrell R.; Williamson B.; Strange, G.; 2017.

16 tales of scientific success, illustrated in full colour.

Scientific Sleuthing begins with New Zealanders solving “different” problems:

  • Toxic honey / William H. Swallow
  • Hoki to nanotechnology: a marine by-products story / Kathleen Hofman, Nigel Larson and Nick Tucker
  • Crime scene to courtroom: science for justice / Heidi Baker, Keith Bedford, Stephen Cordiner, SallyAnn Harbison, Sarah Russell, Robyn Somerville, Johanna Veth and Gerhard Wevers
  • A quarter century of sugary science success / Richard H. Furneaux and Gary B. Evans
  • Advanced ceramics made in New Zealand / Ian W. M. Brown
  • Targeting cancer: the story of the Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre / William A. Denny
  • Hill Laboratories: a commercial success / Roger Hill, Peter Robinson and George Hill
  • The invention of spreadable butter / David Illingworth and Robert Norris
  • Extraterrrestrial chemistry meets New Zealand industry / Murray J. McEwan and Barry J. Prince
  • Radiation chemistry: radicals, reactions, rates and redox / John E. Packer and Robert F. Anderson
  • The saga of a remarkable and challenging technology / Serena Smalley, Colin Gooch, Peter Walters and T. W. Slinn
  • The challenge of cementing geothermal wells / Neil B. Milestone
  • Successful innovation takes time: the story of Canterbury Scientific / Fiona Summerfield
  • The discovery and development of high-temperature superconductors / Jeffery L. Tallon and Robert G. Buckley
  • A short history of New Zealand's pioneering x-ray laboratories / Graeme Gainsford and Jan Wikaira
  • Visualising the molecules of life / Edward N. Baker

In their chosen fields, New Zealand chemists lead the world.

This is a book about New Zealand’s development, and about history being made right here, right now.

Scientific Sleuthing: Chemical Discoveries Made in New Zealand
Hurrell R.; Williamson B.; Strange, G.

Toxic Honey

Hoki to Nanotechnology

Crime Scene to Courtroom

Quarter Century of Sugary Science

Advanced Ceramics

Targeting Cancer

Hill Laboratories

Invention of Spreadable Butter

Extraterrrestrial Chemistry

Radiation Chemistry

Remarkable and Challenging Technology

Cementing Geothermal Wells

Successful Innovation Takes Time

High-Temperature Superconductors

Pioneering X-Ray Laboratories

Visualising the Molecules of Life

Chistchurch, NZ; 2017
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Rated 4.50 out of 5