The Wellington Branch covers the part of the Wellington District not included in the Manawatu Branch together with the Marlborough and Nelson Land Districts.

Wellington Branch Committee

ChairNate Davis
SecretaryEmma Wrigglesworth
TreasurerRalf Schwörer
Council DelegateRobin Fulton
Chem. Ed. Group RepresentativeSuzanne Boniface
Branch EditorRobin Fulton
Committee Member(s)Joanne Harvey
Luke Liu
Student Representative(s)Matthew Brett
Fraser Hughson
Steph Lockwood
Damon de Clercq


It has been my great pleasure to chair the Wellington Branch committee this year. It’s been a busy year and I’m grateful to the very talented and enthusiastic committee for their hard work.

This year, we have continued with our weekly study incubator for undergraduate students, with food and drink sponsored by NZIC. Due to the popularity of these, we had to run two weekly session.

March was a busy month with two social events. 1) A welcome BBQ for undergraduate chemists, which boasted a large turnout. And 2) a social function held at the Black Dog Brewery, where the head brewer talked to us about the different stages and chemistry of making beer.

In May we hosted the Mellor Lecture, which was given by Prof. Jim Johnston on the use of gold nanoparticles in textiles. For more details check out “Aulana®: The “Midas Rug” That Does Not Glitter”.

We continued our outreach events within the community, with the annual Secondary Schools’ Quiz night in June. It was really great to see our student members get involved in these outreach events, from showing kids how to make worms, to inspiring secondary school kids in chemistry. I would especially like to acknowledge our student representatives for organizing a great Quiz Night.

In July we celebrated the Year of the Periodic Table with a talk by Dr Stephen Ashworth titled “Elementary! A celebration of 150 years of Mendeleev’s periodic table”

In collaboration with the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) we hosted the RSC Australasian Lecture given by Prof. Keith C. Gordon from Otago University on “From ultrafast processes in solar cells to prediction of meat quality: using spectroscopy and computational methods to understand complex systems”.

The Wellington Branch has been active in funding and rewarding the successes of young people in our community. Student travel grants were provided to five postgraduate students, to attend the NZIC conference in Christchurch in November.

I close with a huge thank you to the 2019 Wellington Branch committee for their excellent work this year. Particular thanks go to Emma Wrigglesworth (Secretary), whose excellent organizational skills has kept this branch going, and to Ralf Schwörer (Treasurer), who has carefully managed the Branch accounts, Suzanne Boniface (Council Delegate and Chem. Ed. Group Representative) and Robin Fulton (Branch Editor) for all their work. Our student representatives Fraser Hudson, Matt Brett and Maggie Gao have made a wonderful enthusiastic team and a lot of time and effort into organising the many student events this year. Thank you to our Branch committee member Christoph Hasenöhrl, your ideas and help have been very much appreciated throughout the year!

As I am a new Chair this year, please let me know if you have any suggestions for activities for our members.
We wish our members a healthy and invigorating summer and a rewarding 2019.

Dr Nathaniel Davis