Chemistry Jobs

Jobs for chemists in New Zealand, including postdoc positions and PhD scholarships. Latest positions received appear at the top of the page. This service is free to NZIC members – details of how to advertise your position on the website can be found here.

PhD scholarship for analysis of the effect of toxic metals on bees

(University of Waikato)

This research project is part of a Fast-Start Marsden program. It will investigate the effect of metals on bees at the cellular, individual and colony levels by analysing presence of metals using laser ablation inductively coupled plasma and investigating the change in gene expression using RNA sequencing.

Advertisement received 12 March 2021

Professional Teaching Fellow – School of Chemical Sciences

(University of Auckland)

The University of Auckland is currently looking for a Professional Teaching Fellow to join the School of Chemical Sciences.

You will be required to teach across a broad range of undergraduate chemistry courses, and will be expected to play a leading role in the continued development and successful delivery of intensive mode undergraduate chemistry courses in China as part of an articulation agreement with Northeast Forestry University (NEFU) for at least two, four-week periods each year.

Applications close 17th April 2021

ARC Future Fellowship Scholarships

(University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia)

The University of Technology Sydney has applications open for PhD Scholarships funded by Australian Research Council’s Future Fellowships. This research project aims to make it possible to control the synthesis of boron-based two-dimensional (2D) materials with the desired following features in single or multiple aspects: thickness, composition, lateral sizes, porosity, surface area, and functionality. It intends to do so by designing and synthesising novel precursors, and by optimising the fabrication process of boron-based 2D nanosheets for different applications. It is expected to take us closer to unlocking the potential of boron- based 2D materials for real-world applications in, for example, energy storage and high-performance flexible electronics.

Applications Close Friday 30 April 2021 at 11.59pm (AEST)

PhD scholarship for developing real time analysis of marine biomass

(University of Otago and Plant and Food Research)

This research project is part of an MBIE program, Cyber Physical Seafood Systems (Cyber-Marine) led by Plant and Food Research.  It will investigate fundamental and applied aspects of marine biological chemistry using a wide range of standard (GC-MS, LC-MS) and spectroscopic (Raman, IR and NIR spectroscopies) analytical techniques.

Advertisement received 01 December 2020

MSc scholarship for spectroscopy and disease diagnosis

(University of Otago)

We have an opportunity for an MSc thesis-only (one year) in the fields of biomedical analysis and optics design. This MSc thesis will be part of an industry driven project and the overall aim is to develop a new method of disease diagnosis. This work could entail development, testing and iterative refinement of a device for collection of OCT or vibrational spectroscopic data, or analysis using multivariate methods.

Advertisement received 01 December 2020

PhD scholarships – Sustainable Materials Research

(University of Waikato)

PhD scholarships available – Sustainable Materials Research into natural fibre composites/biopolymers/recycling/natural materials.

Advertisement received 11 November 2020