Industrial PhD Scholarship: The Biocide Toolbox

We are currently seeking expressions of interest for industrial PhD Scholarship (an annual stipend of $26,000 NZD plus compulsory fees for three years) from highly motivated PhD candidate with a high-level BSc(Honours) or Masters qualification with pharmaceutical science or chemistry background and an interest in formulation of natural biocides, physical characterisation and antimicrobial testing. Candidates should satisfy the requirements for admission as a PhD candidate at the University of Auckland, which includes an English language proficiency requirement.

The handwash formulations used in hospitals suffer from poor activity and concerns over effects on the skin for multi-users. The research proposed will target the formulation of natural biocides in such a way that is safe to use on skin, and have activity against key antibiotic resistant pathogens. The projects will involve engagement with an industry partner and multidisciplinary collaborations between chemistry and medical sciences members of the Biocide Tool Box research team, the University of Auckland.

Applications: Cover letter, CV, academic record and 2 referee reports from tenured academics should be submitted before 1st July to Dr Marija Gizdavic-Nikolaidis. If you are not already resident in New Zealand, a clear statement about when you would expect to be able to come to New Zealand is required.