LC-MS Applications Specialist


Our client is an independent research organisation located in the sunny city of Nelson and is looking for a highly experienced individual to join its Analytical Services Group (ASG). The ASG offers a broad spectrum of services that underpin research activities that protect the environment and support the sustainable development of New Zealand’s primary industries.

Scientists in the organisation make use of state-of-the-art technology to undertake ground-breaking science, which is undertaken within its substantial testing and research facilities. Projects are undertaken in its primary areas of expertise: aquaculture research, marine & freshwater resource management, food safety & quality, algal technologies, biosecurity, and analytical testing.

“Our vision is to be an internationally recognised research organisation, delivering independent, world-class science that helps to build a better future for New Zealand.”


Within this not-for-profit organisation, an opportunity has arisen for an analytical chemist/biochemist with extensive LC-MS experience to provide applications support to research groups focused on marine and freshwater projects—extending to aquaculture activities being conducted in both environments. Specifically, through leveraging the power of –omics, this role shall involve the development of LC-MS applications to facilitate the characterisation of micro- & macroalgae, marine molluscs, finfish, and other biological systems.

Several years’ experience with the following analytical techniques is therefore sought: –

  • LC-MS/MS using QQQ
  • LC-MSn using ion trap
  • UPLC

Some of the responsibilities of the role include:

  • Develop and lead externally funded research programmes applying LC-MS and –omics-based approaches to addressing biological questions
  • Provide LC-MS expertise to internal and external research projects
  • Identify and develop new opportunities in the use of the organisation’s existing LC-MS instrumentation, particularly addressing the needs of the Food & Beverage and Natural Products industries

The ASG requires a person who will contribute to the wider organisation’s vision and strategy, which will include mentoring of staff to further build the group’s LC-MS technical capabilities, and facilitate collaborations between research groups and also with other institutions.

Ideally suiting someone with a proven ability to facilitate the commercialisation of LC-MS applications as testing services that a laboratory can then offer to the Food & Beverage and/or Natural Products industries.


To be considered for this role you must meet the following criteria:

  • Hold a post-graduate qualification in chemistry or biochemistry
  • At least five years’ experience with a variety of LC-MS instrumentation, which includes –omics applications used for the characterisation of complex biological systems
  • Knowledge of the current testing needs of the Food & Beverage and/or Natural Products industries and their likely future requirements is desirable
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, necessary to develop collaborative research partnerships with industry and academia
  • Proven leadership capability within a specialist area, which substantiates the capacity to build a successful team
  • A noteworthy publication history that also provides evidence of an ability to attract research funding
  • Ability to provide sound technical advice on purchasing new instruments

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