PhD scholarship for developing real time analysis of marine biomass

This research project is part of an MBIE program, Cyber Physical Seafood Systems (Cyber-Marine) led by Plant and Food Research.  It will investigate fundamental and applied aspects of marine biological chemistry using a wide range of standard (GC-MS, LC-MS) and spectroscopic (Raman, IR and NIR spectroscopies) analytical techniques. Applied research will focus on determining the extent to which homogenised marine biomass composition can be determined from in-line measurements; and on developing sensors for real-time monitoring of processing and purification of marine products e.g. marine lipids, collagens and protein hydrolysates. Fundamental aspects of this project will include characterisation of vibrational spectroscopic properties of marine lipids in different formats; and developing methods for production and characterisation of lipid assemblies with variable compositions.  Funding for three years includes stipend ($27500 per annum) and fees.

Email Keith Gordon [email protected]