Statutory Māori Advisory Committee Members





Ngā Kaihautū Tikanga Taiao

Statutory Māori Advisory Committee Members

  • Board and advisory group experience
  • Te ao Māori focus
  • Scientific expertise
  • Flexible / part-time commitment

Ngā Kaihautū Tikanga Taiao (Ngā Kaihautū) is established as a committee under the EPA Act to provide advice and assistance to the EPA so it can take into account Māori perspectives. Nga Kaihautū is considered part of the EPA and is accountable to the EPA Board.  Ngā Kaihautū’s advice and assistance must be given from a Māori perspective and come within the terms of reference set by the EPA Board.

In a general sense, Nga Kaihautū carries out its statutory functions by providing advice and/or assistance to the Board to take into account the Māori perspective.  This may include issues that support or impact on tikanga Māori, mātauranga, Te Tiriti o Waitangi/Treaty of Waitangi, economic, scientific, and other Māori aspirations or issues that relate to the work of the EPA.

This has been in the form of reports on EEZ Marine consents and activities, HSNO applications, and contributions to EPA work programmes. While we see this continuing, we are looking innovatively to maximise the value that Nga Kaihautū add to EPA statutory functions.

The committee is composed of members who, between them, hold a broad range of in-depth skills and experience in several areas including, but not limited to:

  • Te reo, tikanga and mātauranga Māori
  • Relevant stakeholder connections within the likes of commerce, business (forestry, farming, fishing), macro-economics and sustainability
  • Resource and environmental management
  • Relevant scientific or technical areas (chemistry, molecular biology/genetics, engineering, medicine, environmental science)
  • Strategic thinking
  • Governance
  • Public policy planning, public administration and legal
  • Weaving te ao Māori with science evidence and the requirements of the law
  • Using intellectual agility to be a highly effective communicator
  • Iwi and/or geographical representation
  • Knowledge and understanding relevant to the purpose of the EPA and its functions
  • Credibility within the Māori community

Individual committee members aren’t expected to have knowledge in all of the criterion, the power of the committee is its shared knowledge, skills and experience. Certainly though, each member will have demonstrated skills in understanding complexity, working at a governance level and at weaving together te ao Māori, science, the lore and the law.

APPLICATIONS CLOSE: Sunday, 12 April 2020



FURTHER ENQUIRIES: Russell Spratt on 04 550 8000