NZIC Year 12 and 13 Chemistry Practice Exams

Each year, the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry puts out practice exams available to teachers that cover externally assessed Achievement Standards for Year 12, 13 and Scholarship Chemistry.

The Year 12 assessments cover the externally assessed Achievement Standards in level 2 Chemistry i.e. Chemistry AS91164 (2.4), AS91165 (2.5) and AS91166 (2.6)
The Year 13 assessments cover the externally assessed Achievement Standards in level 3 Chemistry i.e. Chemistry AS91390 (3.4), AS91391 (3.5) and AS91392 (3.6)
A scholarship exam is also offered.

All assessments come with a suggested assessment schedule. Once purchased, schools may freely photocopy and modify the exam papers, but for use within the school only. Current and past exams are a teacher-only resource, and not to be distributed outside the school.

***IMPORTANT*** With the extended lockdown in Auckland, many schools will be holding their mock exams later than usual so we are asking that, for this year, student papers are not permanently returned, nor electronic versions of the paper or assessment schedule published, until Fri 5th Nov. This includes not using the 2021 exam papers for online mock exams. If you are looking for exams for practice, please use previous years’ exams.

There is a need to preserve the authenticity of the mock exam results should schools need to rely on these later to estimate NCEA grades. Unfortunately there are no known programmes that allow for the management of chemistry exams online where there is a reasonable guarantee that students are not able to cheat and are able to produce answers in the appropriate format.

For those who have been able to sit the exams in person, it is OK to return papers during a lesson from Mon 1st Nov provided you can prevent students from using their devices to record the paper digitally.

The assessments are available for viewing and download here.

Past exams can be downloaded here.

School Membership

All three exams and all previous years’ exams are freely available to School Members of the NZIC. If your school would like to become a member of the NZIC, please click below. Please note: we no longer offer individual exams for sale.

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