Invitation to contribute to a special issue of Chemistry – An Asian Journal to celebrate NZ chemistry

A special issue of Chemistry – An Asian Journal to celebrate NZ chemistry is being organized for 2019, so please consider this your invitation to contribute to this issue. Doing so is a win-win, with a paper in a high impact international journal and the added bonus of financially supporting the NZIC. Just for this special issue, any corresponding author not based in NZ but who feels a connection to NZ (for example a graduate of a NZ University based overseas) can also be counted financially, so please add an acknowledgment to highlight that fact if this is you! The submission deadline is Friday 30 November 2018, so please start planning your paper now.

Chemistry – An Asian Journal is an international high-impact journal for chemistry in its broadest sense (2016 journal impact factor: 4.083). The journal covers all aspects of chemistry from biochemistry through organic and inorganic chemistry to physical chemistry, including interdisciplinary topics. It is a sister journal to Chemistry – A European Journal and Angewandte Chemie, as well as to the Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry and to the newest Asian Chemical Editorial Society (ACES) journal ChemNanoMat. A professional editorial team headed by Dr Theresa Kueckmann, and an Editorial Board headed by Professor Susumu Kitagawa, ensure the highest quality of the peer-review process, the contents and the production of the journal. Chemistry – An Asian Journal is published on behalf of ACES, an association of 13 major chemical societies from Asia and the Pacific region, including the NZIC. The journal is supported by the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh, German Chemical Society), ChemPubSoc Europe, and the Federation of Asian Chemical Societies (FACS). ACES is committed to scientific excellence, publishing ethics, and the highest standards in publication.

Professor Sally Brooker has recently agreed to be the first New Zealander to be on the Editorial Board of Chemistry – An Asian Journal (or any of the ACES journals, in fact). She is keen to increase the profile of this high impact international journal in NZ, not least because the NZIC gains financially for every paper published with a NZ corresponding author, something she was not aware of herself until recently.