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18th Asian Chemical Congress

The 18th Asian Chemical Congress (18th ACC) and the 20th General Assembly of the Federation of Asian Chemical Societies (FACS) will be held at the Taipei International Convention Center in Taiwan in December 8-12, 2019. The ACC is a biennial event organized by FACS. The general objective of the Federation is to promote… Read More

What’s the most boring element?

It is the International Year of the Periodic Table (#IYPT2019), and Allan Blackman has been investigating the 118 known chemical elements as part of a series of short podcasts on Radio New Zealand. This process has highlighted the fact that every element, no matter how abundant or obscure, has its own story — the… Read More

Chemistry – An Asian Journal: Special Issue on π‐Conjugated Compounds for Molecular Materials

Guest-edited by Satoru Hiroto (Kyoto University) and Jishan Wu (National University of Singapore), this Special Issue serves as a portal to the world of π‐conjugated compounds for molecular materials, covering vast topics, such as aggregation-induced emission, porphyrins and their derivatives, semiconducting and conducting materials, nanographenes, radicals, stimuli-responsive materials, and polymers. Enjoy free… Read More

Registrations for NZIC2019 are now open!

Early bird registration for the 2019 NZIC conference are now open. Head on over to the conference website to register, submit an abstract. While there, you can check out our lineup of plenary and keynote speakers. We also have some accommodation options with special… Read More

Element Resources

Radio NZ Element of the week Carbon – 10 May 2019 Technetium – 3 May 2019 Uranium – 5 April 2019 Titanium – 11 March 2019 Cobalt – 1 March 2019 Silver – 22 February 2019 Lithium – 15 February 2019 Platinum –… Read More

NZIC School Membership

The chemistry teachers’ forums at ChemEd and SCICON conferences for the last 3 years have been working towards formulating a national association of chemistry teachers. After a meeting of a large group of chemistry educators at the ChemEd Conference in 2017, a steering committee was set up to plan the… Read More