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Element Resources

Radio NZ Element of the week Carbon – 10 May 2019 Technetium – 3 May 2019 Uranium – 5 April 2019 Titanium – 11 March 2019 Cobalt – 1 March 2019 Silver – 22 February 2019 Lithium – 15 February 2019 Platinum –… Read More

NZIC School Membership

The chemistry teachers’ forums at ChemEd and SCICON conferences for the last 3 years have been working towards formulating a national association of chemistry teachers. After a meeting of a large group of chemistry educators at the ChemEd Conference in 2017, a steering committee was set up to plan the… Read More

NZ-Italy Meeting on Supramolecular and Materials Chemistry

The NZ-Italy Meeting on Supramolecular and Material Chemistry covers topics ranging from self-assembly and supramolecular chemistry to catalysis and novel materials.  It is a free event supported by the Royal Society of NZ aimed at sowing the seeds for collaboration between NZ researchers and leading European academics. Read More

Production/QC Chemist

(Evolve Scientific Recruitment) Seeking a Production/QC Chemist for a position in Wellington, New Zealand.   About the company: The company is a well-known pharmaceutical company who is currently undergoing substantial growth. Located in Wellington New Zealand, this company manufactures diagnostic products for the New Zealand market. About the role :… Read More

It’s official: We’re redefining the kilogram

On November 16, at a session of the 26th General Conference on Weights and Measures in Versailles, France, representatives of countries from around the world voted to enact a plan to redefine several units of measurement, including the kilogram. Read more from Science News.      … Read More

Congratulations to the NZIC prize winners!

The 2018 NZIC awards were voted on at the recent Council meeting. Continuing the trend from recent years there were many excellent nominees for all of the awards which suggests that chemistry in New Zealand is currently in a good state. However, this made the deliberations very difficult. This year the Shimadzu Prize for Industrial and… Read More

The International Symposium on Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry

On behalf of the local organising committee, you are invited to participate in the International Symposium on Supramolecular and Macrocyclic Chemistry (ISMSC-2020) to be held in Sydney, Australia from July 12 – 16, 2020. ISMSC-2020 will provide a forum for the discussion of all aspects of macrocyclic and supramolecular chemistry,… Read More