NZ-Italy Meeting on Supramolecular and Materials Chemistry

The NZ-Italy Meeting on Supramolecular and Material Chemistry covers topics ranging from self-assembly and supramolecular chemistry to catalysis and novel materials.  It is a free event supported by the Royal Society of NZ aimed at sowing the seeds for collaboration between NZ researchers and leading European academics.

The Keynote speaker will be Prof. Leonard Prins (University of Padua, Italy), who studies dynamic supramolecular systems that have the potential to grow, communicate, move and evolve. There will be a mixture of Italian and local speakers and we welcome further oral contributions from both academics and students.

Registration: by 6th January 2019

Abstract Submission for talks: by 6th January 2019

Meeting: 31st January-1st February 2019

Contact Dr Jack Chen for further details (