NZIC Past-President

Associate Professor Michael Mucalo

Michael Mucalo was president of the NZIC in 2021-2022. He studied at the University of Auckland completing his PhD in Colloids and Spectroelectrochemistry with Ralph Cooney in 1991, and has been an academic at the University of Waikato since 1995 after doing postdoctoral stints in 1) DSIR Gracefield, Lower Hutt as a Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow (1991-1993) and 2) in a government research institute in Nagoya, Japan as a Science and Technology Agency Fellow (1993-1995).

His research interests have spanned broad areas such as colloid chemistry, biomedical materials, IR spectroelectrochemistry, controlled release drug delivery, and repurposing of waste materials. He has also had extensive collaborations with industry.

Michael has been on the NZIC Waikato branch committee since 1997 as Treasurer and has also had stints as Branch President.