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About New Zealand Institute of Chemistry
The NZIC was founded in 1931. It is comprised of six geographical branches and a number of specialist groups.

About New Zealand Institute of Chemistry
The NZIC has six branches based on geographical location. Members resident or temporarily overseas belong to a group managed by the NZIC Administrator

Specialist Groups
NZIC members may elect to belong to one or more Specialist Groups within the NZIC.

Awards and Prizes
The NZIC offers a number of prizes and awards. Each has its own criteria. The application deadline for all prizes and awards is 30th June of the year in which it is offered.

Current Award Winners
Current winners of NZIC awards.

Press Releases
Press releases from the President of the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry

NZIC Prize Winners 2021
It is with great pleasure that we announce the winners of this year's NZIC prizes. The fields nominated for each award were extremely strong again this year and the selection committees had a very difficult time deciding on the awards.

This is a collection of resources developed for secondary school chemistry teachers.

Chemical Education Trust
The NZIC, via the Chemical Education Trust, supports chemical education by making grants for the purchase of items of equipment

Chemistry and Science Links
LInks to chemistry and science website in New Zealand and Internationally