Secondary Chemistry Educators of NZ or SCENZ

The Secondary Chemistry Educators of NZ or SCENZ is a national chemistry teachers’ subject association, established in order to support and promote chemistry education throughout New Zealand. The new association provides a voice for chemistry teachers with the Ministry of Education and NZQA as well as opportunities to resource and support teachers with chemistry teaching and assessment matters. The group operates under the umbrella of the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry.

To become a member of SCENZ, your school needs to register for a school membership with NZIC. When a school pays for this membership, any teacher at that school becomes a member of SCENZ.

Please note that school membership gives access to all the NZIC exams. The exams are not available to be purchased separately.


Being part of SCENZ provides:

  • Access to all previous and current year NZIC Chemistry exams (Levels 2 and 3 and Scholarship) at no additional charge.
  • Access to resources developed by the association to support chemistry teaching and learning in NZ schools
  • Access to professional development opportunities that support chemistry teaching in NZ schools
  • Representation in discussions with Ministry of Education and NZQA around curriculum, assessment and chemistry related teaching matters
  • Voting rights for the organisation of SCENZ

The Ministry of Education will be working with subject associations in the review of achievement standards so SCENZ will be the contact point for this work.



Co-chairs – Murray Thompson (Logan Park High School, Dunedin) and Ian Torrie (St Cuthbert’s College, Auckland)

Secretary – Suzanne Scourfield (Whangarei Girls’ High School)

Treasurer – Ian Phillips (Otago Girls’ High school)


Regional Representatives

To be determined


The SCENZ constitution can be downloaded here.