Secondary Chemistry Educators of NZ or SCENZ

Nominations for Chairperson

Murray Thompson

HOD Science, Logan Park High School, Dunedin

I have been teaching chemistry for over 35 years. I have always worked to develop a national organisation. I have a great deal of leadership experience in and out of teaching.


Ian Torrie

Head of Chemistry, St Cuthberts College, Auckland

  • Through my national newsletter and e-mail network of 600+ NZ educators I am continually in touch with chemistry educators at the grass roots level and am very familiar with their concerns and opinions on both current and future challenges that we face.
  • I have no formal ties with organisations such as NZQA and MoE and as an independent voice I am passionately committed to presenting and defending the views of the majority of chemistry educators in New Zealand.
  • I have proven ability to work in a collegial and productive manner with working parties made up of a wide variety of participants. I have successfully managed national writing groups that have developed curricula, unit standards, and assessment standards over a number of iterations as well as having lead roles in various assessment panels for many years.
  • I have considerable experience in both curriculum and assessment at national level and can use that expertise and contacts gained to help promote and develop new initiatives in chemistry education.
  • As a result of various educational awards I have experience in working with different media such as print, radio, and TV and am a capable communicator of science education issues. I have also presented at every ChemEd conference since their inception in 1991 as well as various international conference such as ASERA, CONASTA and ICCE.


Nominations for Secretary

Suzanne Scourfield

Head of Science and Chemistry, Whangarei Girls’ High School

Kia or kotou,

I have been in charge of the science department at Whangarei Girls’ High school for 2 years, and in charge of chemsitry for 3 years.

I was secretary on the steering committee and am eager to see SCENZ be a successful teacher organisation.


The inaugural meeting for the chemistry teachers’ subject association which will be known as Secondary Chemistry Educators of NZ or SCENZ, will be held at the ChemEd conference in Dunedin in July. To be able to stand for the committee and to have a vote on committee positions, schools must be members of the association. The letter sent out earlier in the year with details about the establishment of SCENZ can be found here.

You can register for the school membership on the NZIC website.

Please note that school membership gives access to all the NZIC exams so it is not necessary to purchase these separately.

Being part of SCENZ will provide:

  • Access to all previous and current year NZIC Chemistry exams (Levels 2 and 3 and Scholarship) at no additional charge.
  • Access to resources developed by the association to support chemistry teaching and learning in NZ schools
  • Access to professional development opportunities that support chemistry teaching in NZ schools
  • Representation in discussions with Ministry of Education and NZQA around curriculum, assessment and chemistry related teaching matters
  • Voting rights for the organisation of SCENZ

The Ministry of Education will be working with subject associations in the review of achievement standards so SCENZ will be the contact point for this work.