This is a collection of resources developed for secondary school chemistry teachers. These resources are only available to SCENZ members (you must be logged in to view).

Currently available are:

C2.1 (AS91910) Teaching and Learning resources

The following resources were developed with support from SciPad to support the introduction in 2019 of the new C2.1 Standard. The package includes teacher support material and PPT, student worksheets and notes plus a ready to go assessment task and schedule. A video of the presentation from the SciPad nationwide tour to inform chemistry teachers about the new standard be downloaded from

Version 2 has been improved by the addition of a second clear opportunity for the student to demonstrate their understanding of the preliminary trials process, thus reducing the potential need for a resubmission (which will not be allowed from 2021 except for NA students).

Student notes for NCEA Chemistry externals L1-3

The following resources are free for SCENZ members to distribute to any or all of their students in electronic form. They cover all externals for L2 and 3 Chemistry and the S1.5 External for L1. They are essentially the McTogi resources without the Lab Manual in a protected pdf format. If schools are interested in an editable version in Word format that includes a full Lab Manual they can contact

Learning outcomes for NCEA Chemistry externals L2-3

The following lists of learning outcomes for the L2 and 3 NCEA externals have been developed by a group of experienced teachers BUT are not endorsed in any way by either NZQA or MoE. They are the result of many years of teaching experience combined with an analysis of the standards and their external assessments. They are intended to provide guidance to new teachers (both new to teaching and/or NZ) and to help support existing teachers with limited chemistry backgrounds or who teach in isolated schools. They would also be a useful checkpoint for students aiming for excellence or Scholarship.

Scholarship Chemistry Thinking Tasks

These 37 tasks (with full answers) are a small sub-set from a comprehensive resource originally developed by Bob Bucat and Todd Shand from University of Western Australia in the mid 90s. The strategies involved are largely based on the comprehensive list of problem solving procedures developed in 1992 by Mitchell, Baird et. al. in the PEEL Project. They are designed to challenge students to think about their understanding of chemistry in novel ways and to help identify potential misconceptions. This is particularly important for Scholarship students where questions are posed using a variety of approaches and contexts.

C3.2 (AS91388) Spectroscopy resources

This resource contains several data tables plus links to some on-line resources. It also contains the mass spectrum, an IR spectrum and a  13C NMR spectrum for 29 different compounds which were developed from actual spectral runs for a range of compounds in the School of Chemical and Physical Sciences at Victoria University of Wellington. These are accompanied by commentaries that summarises the relevant information that links each spectra to its molecular structure.

Video resources

Prof. Allan Blackman (Auckland) has started a YouTube channel containing videos which explain important concepts in First Year Chemistry. It can be found at:

Prof. Ed Constable’s (UC Erskine Visiting Teaching Fellow) seminar on the History of Chemistry: