Chemical Processes in New Zealand

Chemical Processes in New Zealand; 2nd ed.; Packer, J. E., Robertson, J., Wansbrough, H., Eds.; New Zealand Institute of Chemistry: Auckland, 1998.

This second edition (1998) of our publication Chemical Processes in New Zealand is now out of print, but is still the most comprehensive account of the practice of chemistry in New Zealand. In addition to being bought and used by secondary schools, tertiary education institutions and public libraries, it was a source of information for, and used by, many businesses and organizations associated with chemistry in some way.

Although many of the articles are no longer fully up to date, having it available in electronic form on the web allows access for all and gives us the opportunity to update it and develop it further. The Institute would welcome offers of help and suggestions for this development.

The book contains 17 sections with self-explanatory headings, and various numbers of articles, (101 in all) under each heading. Individual articles can be easily downloaded.

Chemical Processes in New Zealand (2nd ed.)
Packer, J. E., Robertson, J., Wansbrough, H.
New Zealand Institute of Chemistry
Production of Chemicals
Chemicals and Soils
The Dairy Industry
The Forestry Industry
Animal and Fish Products
Food and Beverages
Inorganic Materials
Polymers and Surface Coating
Detergents and Cosmetics
Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals
Analysis and Measurement
People and Chemistry
History: Chemistry in the Development of New Zealand Industry
Auckland, 1998
Rated 4.50 out of 5